Catching Up

happy day


After a truly amazing wedding and a perfect week in Bermuda, I miss my blog. I’m just not sure what to write about these days…turns out we aren’t really that interesting!

I suppose I could have written about our dinner Saturday night with both sets of parents. I’m pretty sure Seersucker and I could have gotten up and left, and not a single one of them would have noticed. It’s just about the best new family situation ever. It’s especially amusing when they gang up against us. Our mothers, in particular, seem to love this part. 

Or, I could have written about dinner Sunday night with Little Sis and Best Man. They told us several hilarious wedding tales that we had missed. I wish I could have been there when Best Man woke up and dug his MadLib out of the piñata. In his words, it was VERY inappropriate. I think that breaks the piñata rules. He should have had to leave it in!

Our current challenge is the thank you notes. We are both working diligently to get them done. Expect one to arrive at a mailbox near you sometime soon. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to capture all that we feel in one little thank you note. We treasure every gift, every memory, and every relationship that those cards represent…no matter how late they are or how messy the handwriting is. They are written with love.

I realize this isn’t really what you signed up for when I started this blog. You’ve all served your 100 blog sentence. Feel free to unfollow me if I am no longer interesting (no comments needed, Snarky). I have a few other ideas…we’ll just have to see what becomes of Seersucker and Sass now that we are Mr. and Mrs. Seersucker. 

Last One…Maybe


I’m having a hard time coming up with words that can truly due justice to the last 24 hours. Maybe that’s because our alarm went off at 3:30, or maybe it’s because it was all just too special to capture. A million thanks to everyone who came and who has supported us along the way. We love you all!

Number 100

Ok, here we go, #100…typed on an iPhone.

This blog has been a personal journey. It has been a lesson in slowing down and placing a focus on the many blessings in my life. Some days, that was easy. Some days, it took all I had. And more days than I can count, I found myself reading back through and smiling.

Tomorrow, we will say our “I do’s”. It will be beautiful, but it will only be one beautiful day of many. I’m thankful to have this record of how we got here. And I’m thankful to everyone who loved us enough to follow along.


It’s Like Pinterest That You Can Touch

It took 10 people and 3 hours, but the room is set! It looks amazing. I very much want to share a picture, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is, it was all worth it.

I also received perhaps the best compliment EVER when a sweet girl told me that it was “like Pinterest that you can touch”…how great is that? 

It’s hard to believe that this is my 99th post. I am going to miss my little blog! 

Wedding Overload

boods in a bowtie

After spending nearly 6 hours this morning typing names into tiny circles, I was on serious wedding overload… Until the UPS man dropped by with lots of fun treats, which helped! Now Bentley is perfectly outfitted for the big day, and my iPhone is ready for the time when we are no longer a bride and groom but rather Mr. and Mrs. I have very thoughtful friends.

I think Seersucker is hitting the overload as well. He read my mind tonight and recommended that we take a break from our to-do list and go have dinner and see a movie. It was a much-needed distraction.

Tomorrow we get to set the room at Brookside and Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We are so close! 3 days and counting (4 days until the beach)!


Team Bridesmaid Saves the Day (again)



I’m too tired to be creative. But, Team Bridesmaid totally stepped up and saved the day. They came bearing pizza, wine and macaroons and they were ready to work.

The programs have been punched and tied with beautiful gold ribbons and the paper bows have been cut (Sneezy and Maid of Honor may have carpal tunnel…but they got it done) and assembled. All the big projects are complete! Only the finishing touches are left. I can’t believe it! 4 days to go.