Christmas in July

There is something magical about Christmas; twinkling lights, time with family and friends, finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love.

The problem is that Christmas is over so quickly. In just one day, all of the fun, all of the spirit, all of the excitement is done.

I feel like my wedding, one hundred days from today, stands the very real possibility of being Christmas in July. 

I have spent the past nine and a half months planning how to make this wedding special and personal and perfect. There is still plenty to do, but throughout this process, I have reconnected with friends that I thought were gone from my life forever, I have worked to rekindle a faith that was lost, and I have spent time with family, old and new. 

I know that everything will be perfect one hundred days from today and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. This blog is my attempt to capture the magic of this very special time in my life, so that I might be able to revisit the Christmas lights along the way. 


One thought on “Christmas in July

  1. Dr. Mom's Team says:

    Love this. Love the title. It tells me a little bit about who you are. We all need “titles” like that. Love weddings. Can’t wait to follow along. I’m so glad you are aware how important marriage is to your growth as a person. Thank you for sharing yourself.

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