27 Dresses (almost)

Katherine Heigl had twenty-seven dresses in her closet.

My bridesmaids have twenty dresses in their inboxes. I just counted.

The search for the perfect bridesmaid dress started many months ago and, I’m happy to report, I found the perfect dress…several times.

In an effort to avoid a wedding day disaster, Maid of Honor cornered me this week. She gave me a deadline and what I believe was an ultimatum. Someone was picking a dress by today. Either I was going to make the choice or Team Bridesmaid was going to do it.

99 days until the wedding? Plenty of time, if you ask me!

After avoiding her calls and (fairly stern) texts until late last night, I finally narrowed it down to three dresses. The rest is up to them.

While I may have gotten a tad worked up about the whole thing, I appreciate that Maid of Honor put her foot down and I appreciate that my friends are so patient.

One more decision in the books, one more blog complete, one day closer to the wedding.

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