Let Them Eat Cake!

Today, I gave in to my mother.

I had been steadfast in my resistance to wedding cake from the very beginning of this planning process. Weddings are expensive, and concessions need to be made.

Cake was one thing on which I was more than willing to sacrifice. Why pay $5 per slice of stale, tasteless, overly iced cake, then another $1 per slice for someone to cut it and put it on a plate, when you could provide your guests with everyone’s favorite cake-based, perfectly glazed treat that requires no cutting?

 Mother was having none of this. Doughnuts, she told me, were not acceptable.

We locked horns and dug in our heels.

…Until today. With only 96 days until the wedding, I conceded. We found the world’s most fitting cake topper and I decided that I would live with stale, tasteless, overly iced cake (that we will be paying someone to cut).

Here you go mom. Let them eat cake!


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