Right Down to the Shoelaces



During a painfully long flight delay last night I wandered into the Johnston & Murphy store at the airport. I left with 10 pairs of shoelaces for my dear groom. He was thrilled with his gift when I got home, even though it was nearly midnight.

Most guys don’t think about each tiny detail of an outfit or of a wedding, but my guy does. He has his groomsmen outfitted right down to the perfect shoelaces. They were chosen to accompany the perfect shoes. The perfect shoes will (of course) be complimented by the (yet to be selected) perfect socks. You get the idea.

I could write a rather long post about my very stylish Groomzilla, but for now I will just say that he has provided plenty of material to help me fill the next 95 days.

I should also note that I’m not completely sure which shoelaces will be greeting me at the altar. There are a lot of choices there…

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