So, I Saw This Thing on Pinterest…

I am a Pinterest addict.

I pin recipes, clothes, home decor, beauty tips, books I want to read, fabulous hair styles, inspiring quotes, workouts, crafts (that I will never, ever be able to do) and most recently, wedding ideas…a lot of wedding ideas (as of this very moment, exactly 639 dresses, invitations, table settings, favors, shoes, hairstyles, and much, much more).

The “Bells” board has gotten so involved that I have assigned Mother, Maid of Honor and one of my bridesmaids pinning privileges! (Super cool feature, kudos on that one, Pinterest).

I can’t decide if this new form of social media is the best thing or the worst thing to ever happen to ever happen to wedding planning. I have created the picture-perfect wedding in my mind, thanks to countless hours spent pinning.

Last week it occurred to me that perhaps my Pinterest-inspired wedding was too good to be true.

Tonight, we met with our wedding coordinator at Brookside. Though nearly every sentence that came out of my mouth started with “So, I saw this thing on Pinterest…” I was reassured that my wedding dreams will become wedding reality 93 days from today. I’m so excited!!!

So, now that my blog post for tonight is complete, I’m going to check Pinterest!

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