What Separates us from the Animals



Anyone who knows me well (or maybe even not so well) knows that my mother raised me to believe that the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

I take my accessories very seriously on even the most mundane days. So, you can only imagine how much thought I’m giving the accessories for my most important day, 92 days from today.

Every big white dress I tried on had to pass one simple test; can I accessorize this?

After a little work, I found the perfect dress, just begging for some fabulous finishing touches. Then, Maid of Honor (who has really great taste) found me a necklace that was so very close to perfect, it just needed a few tiny tweaks!  I wasn’t going to settle for close, so I set out on a search for that completely, totally, 100% perfect necklace. But, I felt like every necklace I looked at was less perfect than the one before.

I was getting rather discouraged, until my sweet groom stepped in. I’m not sure if he wanted to help or if he wanted me to stop spending hours lost online among billions of imperfect baubles. Either way, he reached out to the amazing designers that were responsible for the so very close to perfect necklace that Maid of Honor had stumbled upon. He asked them to make a piece just for me.

I had no idea how perfect perfect could be.

Working with Elva Fields, we are making a custom necklace that has meaning far beyond it’s fabulous. The color reminds me of my Grams, after whom I was named (and one of the coolest people I know). There will also be two antique brooches incorporated into the design. One belonged to my Grandmother Betty, who passed away when I was very young. The other came from Seersucker’s grandmother. It was her grandmother’s (that’s his great-great-grandmother, for those of you keeping track).

We clearly come from a long line of fabulous people.

Today, I carefully packaged the brooches and sent them away. I felt nervous handing over so much family history to the USPS. The next time I see them, they will be part of a very special accessory for a very special day. I can’t wait to carry so much meaning with me as I say “I do”.

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