All the Small Things: Cocktail Napkins

I think that the most important details at any event are the small ones. Each and every personal touch, no matter how tiny, makes a difference.

Adorable personalized cocktail napkins are clearly a must for any fabulous wedding reception. My mother spent a lot of time searching for those napkins that were a perfect match to our colors, our styles, and our personalities.

She discovered that there are A LOT of ugly cocktail napkins out there. Who buys those things?!

Thanks to Pinterest, she found a winner! Once she found the cutest cocktail napkins on the internet, we had a dilemma. Is it ‘Seersucker & Sass’ or ‘Sass & Seersucker’? Good thing my mother is so clever. She managed to find a winning solution.

One small thing ordered, one more blog complete, one day closer to seeing how all the small things make the big day perfect. 

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