Fuzzy Math

I loved teaching math. Unlike so many other subjects, a lot about math was concrete. There were ways to know if you were right or wrong. You can add to check the solution to a subtraction problem. You can substitute your answer for “x” to see if your equation balances.

Wedding math is a different issue all together. I started this blog with 100 days until my wedding. 100 days seems like a long time. There is nothing to worry about when something is 100 days away!

The math teacher in me knows that sitting here with 87 days until the wedding, only 13 days have passed. But the bride in me is acutely aware of what those 13 days mean.

Suddenly everything has a deadline. Organists aren’t available. Rush shipping has become a necessity. And all those craft projects in my dining room need to get started or they will never be done in time.

It’s funny how weddings make math turn so fuzzy.

My dad is likely reading this post thinking of how fuzzy my math has become when it comes to budgeting, but that’s a blog for another day!

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