The Ring Shot



I cringe a little bit (nearly) every time I see an excited bride-to-be post a picture of her engagement ring online. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram (though filters sometimes help) I just can’t stop myself from wondering why they didn’t get a little manicure before snapping that pic.

It’s terrible, I know. And the cringing only lasts a few seconds. I’m happy for the sentiment. I really am.

I suppose it was probably the fear of my friends and family being as judgey as I am that kept me from posting my own “ring shot”.

But, this is my blog, and I’m sure a picture of my engagement ring is not the first judgment people will cast, nor will it be the last, for something I post on here (I’ve gotten a lot of texts about shoelaces and 240 vases) – here it is!  At least I’m tan and my nails are a happy shade of pink.

I love my ring. And, as one of my (no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is) bridesmaids said, “I think it is perhaps the most beautiful engagement ring that I have ever seen”.

This wedding will have lots of cool ring stories, including one ring made of hair and another that will be the first in a pretty cool (if I may say so myself) family tradition.  But those are blog posts for another day. 

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