19 Days and Counting

Last night, just moments after posting my “ring shot”, I received a text from a friend telling me that my hand looked like ET’s. A reference to my freakish looking fingers is not the first hilarious reaction my blog has elicited.

The mothers often have something to say after the blog goes up. When I wrote about being sick, everyone was concerned and checking on me. No one seems to understand why I need 240 vases. Turns out I’m not the only one who is anti-wedding cake. And, I think there might be a pool going in regards to shoelace colors.

The best reaction so far may be a phone call blaming me for a frivolous purchase. While in search of my blog, a friend happened upon some other Seersucker and Sass, which featured adorable preppy flats. The resulting order from Brooks Brothers is apparently entirely my fault…though now I may need to order them too, which is entirely her fault!

I love the feedback and the reactions. It’s an odd thing, documenting my life. I’m not sure why anyone reads it, but I sure appreciate that they do. In a world with seemingly endless opportunities to connect to one another, this way seems personal somehow. Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring enough to come back. I hope you don’t get too bored with me over the next 81 days. 

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