Meet the Maids: Maid of Honor


Maid of Honor gets a lot of mention on this blog. That’s because her good taste and sensibility have been key in shaping and executing my wedding vision since the very beginning.

I had a friend in college that told me the only reason she sat next to me on the first day of class was because I had cute Nikes. I was drawn to Maid of Honor for similar, deeply intellectual reasons. In a world of boring black suits and sensible shoes, Maid of Honor knows the power in a pop of color and just the right jewels. 

Maid of Honor is an undercover cake boss. She has made my birthday cakes the past two years. The pink lamb was a special request. Barbie was an amazing surprise. If baking hot pink birthday cakes on an annual basis isn’t a maid of honor qualifier, I don’t know what is.

I appreciate how supportive Maid of Honor has been through all of the wedding dress shopping, internet searching, gold painting, and the well-chronicled bridesmaid dress debacle(s). She has been understanding when she needed to be and a tad firm when it was probably required.

I sometimes feel bad for all the pain and suffering that Maid of Honor has had to endure in the last year or so. But then I think of the many months of happiness she has had since I found a big, strong, handsome boy in a parking lot that helped us carry heavy IKEA boxes…and that fell in love with her!

I’m so thankful that Maid of Honor has been here to help me through the last several months. If I manage to make it to the altar in one piece, it will no doubt be thanks to her.


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