Grandparents Day


Seersucker is very lucky to still have 4 vibrant grandparents in his life. It’s been fun for both of us to include them in the wedding planning process. Each set of grandparents will be represented in special ways in our wedding celebrations. His paternal grandparents scoped out our honeymoon destination 65 years ago. His maternal grandmother’s brooch will be included in my beautiful wedding necklace.

It’s not just symbolism, including his grandparents in our special day. The relationships he shares with these 4 people have shaped him.  His relationship with his Grandfather, Grampy, is particularly special. They share a passion (that may be an understatement) for golf. This common love has led to many hours together on the course, and many more hours on the phone, analyzing golf swings and life. He will be the oldest ‘groomsman’ at the wedding, in his seersucker suit and wedding tie.

Grampy is celebrating his 54th wedding anniversary today. I hope that some of the life lessons that he has shared with Seersucker on and off the course will bless us with as many years of happiness as he and Grammy have been blessed with. 

One thought on “Grandparents Day

  1. Kelly Kavanaugh says:

    Sarah: John is absolutely the family favorite and we all know why. Thanks for mentioning Grampy. He loves talking golf with John. Really enjoying this blog!!

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