Meet the Men: Best Man

(A guest post by Seersucker)


I am incredibly honored to have four of my closest friends standing next to me on the altar 78 days from today. Even though I am close with all of my groomsmen, my brother was the obvious choice to be my best man.

Since I got engaged I have sought his advice on many important choices, from the bachelor party to pocket squares. Like a best man should, he has put up with all of my groomzilla tendencies.  I thought I was getting his honest feedback, but didn’t understand why he was being so conservative in his choices. Turns out, he had figured out that it was important to run things by Sass before giving them his stamp of approval. He’s a quick learner when it comes to the ladies.

A best man’s most important job on the wedding day is the speech he will give in front of all of our family and friends. I have witnessed some painful best man speeches. Luckily, my brother is 7 years younger than I am, which means that he wasn’t a witness to any college shenanigans that are better left…in college.

My wedding is going to one of the most memorable days in my life and I am so excited to have this experience with my brother standing at my side at our alma mater. SC HAIL!

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