All the Small Things: The Perfect Pink


I feel like my mother and I might benefit if we learned to “strive for progress, not perfection” as all the quotable cards and inspirational posters instruct. Unfortunately, this is not in our DNA.

We have decided that the dinner napkins need to be the perfect shade of pink. Sadly, none of the pitiful pinks offered by Brookside’s vendors are going to cut it. That perfect shade is not carnation, nor rose, nor coral, nor salmon, nor magenta, nor fuchsia.  It’s impossible to name, but we will know it when we see it.

Unfortunately for us, we haven’t seen it yet. We are ordering the majority of our linens from a vendor in Michigan. Mom has ordered several pink napkin samples from them, but none would pass the Goldilocks test. So, last week they sent her EVERY pink that they have. We’re hoping that one of them is the perfect pink. If not, the search will continue. 

With only 75 days until those napkins need to be folded into adorable bows and placed on dinner plates, I hope that our perfect pink presents itself soon! 

2 thoughts on “All the Small Things: The Perfect Pink

  1. Mom says:

    After getting home to Naples this afternoon, there was an envelope from our linen vendor with every pink sample they have enclosed in it.
    We may have a winner or 3!! Thank heavens we do strive for perfection.

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