All that Glitters…is Not the Perfect Gold


First, we can’t find the perfect pink. Now, we can’t find the perfect gold!

I came home to find a gigantic, super heavy box on the front porch (sorry UPS driver…I knew I should have baked). That means that my vases have arrived, and I need to get going to make sure these babies are all gold in time for the big day! Here are the paints and methods I have tried so far:

Hand painting using American Gloss enamel metallic paint in glorious gold.

PRO: Looks fab.

CONS: Hand painting with enamel takes forever, requires multiple coats, and is thicker than I would like when it’s finished.

Spray painting with Krylon metallic spray paint in gold metallic.

PRO: This method was so easy. Spray painting is by far the most efficient method.

CONS: Despite the shiny metallic cap, there is very little that is shiny or metallic about the final finish. Also, this paint was still not opaque after multiple coats.

Hand painting with Liquid Leaf in classic gold. This was the same product that was used to guild the vases from Style Me Pretty that inspired this whole endeavor (mess).

PRO: Great color.

CONS: This stuff was really weird to work with. It turned out very brushstroke-y with an uneven finish even after multiple coats.  Also, it never quite feels dry.

Spray paint is definitely the easiest way to go. So, I did a little more investigation. I found a super cute blog called brittanyMAKES that had a great rundown of some of her favorite gold spray paints. I used her research findings and decided to try one that she suggested for my last paint trial:

Spray painting with Design Master spray paint in brilliant gold.

PROS: Good color with an opaque finish and a little metallic sheen.

CON: Still not as metallic as I would like.

I think I need to be done with trials. Perhaps when I get together with Team Bridesmaid on Thursday we will analyze our choices and make a final decision. 240 vases. 74 days to go. That’s 3.24 vases per day. No sweat, right?

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