Meet the Men: Brother From Another Mother

(A guest post by Seersucker)


Throughout life, friends come and go. If you are really lucky you will find a friend or two that will stick with you forever. I can consider myself one of those lucky people. I have had the same best friend since I was four years old.

Most of my childhood memories involve chasing balls and swatting pucks with the neighborhood kids. Brother From Another Mother was always there. No matter the sport, no matter our skill level, we would take on all comers, channel our favorite athlete’s persona and find a way to win.

Brother From Another Mother has known about my relationship with Sass since the beginning.  He was the first person I called when I knew she was “the one”. It was very important to me that when they finally met they approved of one another. Even though their first encounter involved a day of (perhaps alcohol induced) shenanigans and some embarrassing moments doing flips (and flops) at a country club pool, they immediately hit it off.  They both understand how important the other is in my life.

Even though college and careers have created undesirable physical distance in our friendship, we are still as close as ever. Whenever we talk or get together we immediately pick up right we left off. I know when he comes to town to for the wedding 73 days from today it will be same. I can’t wait to have this experience with my Brother From Another Mother standing at my side.

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