Decisions, Decisions

Making wedding decisions makes me super stressed. Tonight I had to make so many.

Maid of Honor had Team Bridesmaid over after work. That’s a really big deal, because none of us has a very regular or reliable work schedule. Everyone made time though, and I love them for that.

Maid of Honor is always the hostess with the mostest. If you saw the pink birthday cakes, this should not come as a surprise. She fed us, she mixed drinks, she even made dessert.  Dessert. On a week night!

Then, came the decisions. Good thing she fed me so I had built up my strength. Before the night was over, we had chosen dresses, a gold paint, invitation paper, and planned a bachelorette party. I thought I was going to have a panic attack. That was a lot of deciding.

For the record, I may be more anxious now than when this night started. It’s a good thing that my friends are here to keep this train on the tracks so that everything is ready 72 days from today. 

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