Meet the Maids: Little Sis


I have always wanted a younger sister. Little Sis has always wanted a teammate. I don’t blame her. Being the middle child sandwiched between Seersucker and Best Man is no walk in the park.

Well, Little Sis, help has arrived. I’m happy to team up with you against those boys.

Little Sis was the first member of Seersucker’s family that I got to know. She was sweet and kind and she welcomed me from the very beginning.  We immediately became friends. We enjoy spending time together shopping, watching movies, and spending days by the pool.

Little Sis really loves our pets, and that makes me love her even more. She’s wonderful with Bentley and Kit she spoils them horribly whenever we are away. 

They say you don’t just marry a man, but you marry their family too. I’m lucky to be gaining a sister like Little Sis 70 days from today. 

 This makes 30 blog posts! It’s hard to believe how quickly time is passing. This wedding is going to be here before we know it!

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