Copycat Chic: CHEERS banner


I love the vintage, bohemian, out-of-the-ordinary style of Anthropologie. I think I could be very happy living in their catalog. When I found out that they had a sister brand, BHLDN, which blends Anthropologie’s fabulous vibe with all things wedding, I had to check it out.

I adore pretty much every single thing on their website. I fell especially hard for a CHEERS banner made of gold glitter letters. I think it would add the perfect amount of sparkle to the otherwise plain looking bars at the reception. But, $48 for glittered cardboard? That’s not even reasonable using fuzzy wedding math. Yes dad, you read that correctly. Unreasonable.

So, I am super excited that I happened upon a gold CHEERS centerpiece on clearance after New Years. It’s not perfect, but for $2, I’m pretty sure I can work a little crafting magic and turn that silly centerpiece into a fabulous banner. I have a feeling that none of our friends and family waiting in line for their cocktails 69 days from today will know the difference. Cheers to that!

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