How do these People Stay in Business?

I’m trying to check a few things off of my ever-expanding to-do list. But with every email I send and every call I make, I find myself wondering, how do these people stay in business?

First, I ordered a few dresses online that don’t quite fit. Clearly this is the dresses’ fault, not mine. So, I’m returning them. The process seems simple enough. First, you email the company, second, they send you a return label, third, drop the box off to FedEx, and fourth, you get my refund in 5-7 business days. I’ve requested a return label. Twice. And I am still waiting. I can’t get past step 1.

Then, I was looking for someone to alter my wedding dress. It’s not particularly complicated, especially for a wedding dress, but I would still prefer to use a seamstress that comes recommended from a friend. I got a name from someone Maid of Honor knows. I suppose that when the outgoing voicemail message warned me that I might not get called back for a few days, I should have taken the hint. It’s been a week. I have a feeling she’s not calling.

Now, I’m investigating having the bridesmaids’ shoes dyed. I remember dyeable shoes from when I was a flower girl sometime in the awkward 80’s. They were not adorable. But, it appears they have updated their styles since then. Maid of Honor found an online album of a fab wedding, featuring my bridesmaids’ dresses. Those bridesmaids were wearing super cute dyeable peep-toes with the perfect heel and sassy little bows on the toes! I found the shoes online but I can’t find anyone to dye them. Well, I mean, I may have found someone to dye them. But I can’t get them to call me back. 

I could go on and on, but I have a wedding to plan people! With only 68 days to go, I could use a little quality customer service. Sheesh. 

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