Welcome Home, Mom!

My mother and I are very different people.

I like to have a plan. I like to have a list. I really like to cross things off.

My mother isn’t big on lists. Or plans. But she (somehow) always manages to get things done.

Despite our differences, when it comes to wedding planning, a girl just needs her mother. While her methods may make me a tad crazy from time to time, I inherited my sense of style from her. She is the only one that can help me make the wedding I envision into a reality.

She is no fan of the cold, so she’s been living it up in Naples since the leaves started to turn. I have had to make way too many decisions without her (or with her via text). Now that May has arrived, she decided to come home. With only 65 days until the big day, she couldn’t have waited one minute longer.

Welcome home, Mom. Get your glue gun ready; we’ve got work to do.

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