Catching up with Snarky

A few months ago, Seersucker and I were having dinner with our dads. My dad asked if I had invited Snarky to the wedding. I hadn’t invited her. I hadn’t thought of her in quite some time, actually.

Snarky had moved away years ago and we had lost touch. Dad never lost touch with her though. His in-depth knowledge of the tax code has made him invaluable to many of my friends over the years.

So, I reached out to old Snarky just to say hi and to invite her to join us for the big day. Since reaching out, we have reconnected. She is even staying with us this weekend as she visits with friends and family in Columbus.

It’s a funny thing about weddings. They have a unique ability to bring together more than a bride and a groom. I’m glad that this wedding has brought Snarky back into my world and I’m glad she will be here 64 days from today.

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