Falling in Love All Over Again

One of the most important wedding decisions I’ve had to make was selecting the perfect wedding dress. I made this decision forever ago (last fall), before mom headed to Florida and in plenty of time for my dress to arrive according to ridiculous bridal store timelines.

The problem with making this choice so long ago is that I picked up the dress (in October), put it in a closet at my parents’ house, and I haven’t seen it since.

Sometimes when I think of my dress, I think of how perfect it is and how much I love it.

Other times when I think of my dress things get fuzzy, and I think that maybe I made a bad choice and I start second-guessing every single detail…until today.

Now that it’s time for alterations, I have to decide if I want one of those fluffy slips under my dress to help it keep its shape.

Mom says yes, “I don’t want you to look wrinkly!”

I say no, “I don’t want to look like a bell!”

A friend (who is totally on my side) suggested that I Google my dress to see if I could get an idea of whether other real brides went slip or no slip. Because I bought it forever ago, I was able to find several brides who have walked the aisle rocking my style. Each beautiful bride reminded me exactly why I fell in love with my dress all those months ago. I can’t wait to show it to Seersucker 60 (yes 60!!) days from today.

(and I still have no idea about the slip)

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