The Tiny Tailor

Mom and I took our dresses to be altered today. Hers was, as expected, pretty simple.

Mine was…not simple.

I guess I assumed that having a dress altered was fairly fool-proof. Stand still. Let the tiny woman do her thing. It was harder than I imagined. I can’t say I did very well at it. However, by the end, I think I have figured out the 10 rules for staying on my tiny tailor’s good side: 

  1. Stand up straight!
  2. Do not move your head!
  3. Do not look up!
  4. Do not look down!
  5. Do not move! She moves.
  6. Do not gain weight!
  7. Do not lose weight!
  8. Do not let go of anything you are supposed to be holding until she says so.
  9. Do not worry about that part of my dress that she just cut off. It was not important.
  10. Pay with cash. She does not like the credit card fees.

Tiny tailor came highly recommended. So, I did all I could to stay out of trouble. For now, I’m going to take a deep breath and wait patiently for her to call me when she is all done working her magic. I’m sure that it will be perfect, 57 days from today.

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Tailor

  1. Mom says:

    My Sass was not the only one the tiny tailor was mean to. But like Sass I did as I was told.
    I did as I was told and ran to the ATM so the tony tailor wouldn’t hold Sass’s wedding dress hostage!!

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