Meet the (Mini) Maids


Almost 12 years ago I met two adorable little girls. One wanted to be a puppy when she grew up. Her sister loved “monteys”. Twin two-year-olds were a handful. But I loved them. And I still do.

Having watched My Girls grow up has been a very special privilege for me. I’ve been there for everything from mastering multiplication to discovering that their parents were cool enough for social media (both were traumatic). I’ve watched them jump on beds and perform on stages. They are smart, they are talented, and they are beautiful.

56 days from today, they will be there for me. My Girls couldn’t have been more excited when I asked them to be part of our big day. When they tried on their dresses this afternoon, it was hard to believe that the two gorgeous girls standing in front of me were the same two tiny troublemakers that I met all those years ago.

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