Meet the Men: Great Ball Striker

(A guest post by Seersucker)


Great Ball Striker and I have been friends since high school. Though we both graduated from Saint Charles, our friendship developed outside the friendly walls of our alma mater.

Great Ball Striker loves golf as much as I do. We have shared moments on the course where we seemed destined for the pro tour. Though those are the moments we try to focus on, most of our time is spent chipping the ball out from behind trees and leaving our putts short on the green.

After high school, Great Ball Striker would visit Fort (who you will meet later) and I on weekends and the occasional Wednesday night. The best part of those crazy college times was not the beer pong or the shenanigans that I would rather my family not read about, but it is knowing that I made those memories with my closest friends. Those nights and his now infamous Chipotle story (you have to ask him about that one) are precisely why he will not be giving the Best Man toast.

Even though Great Ball Striker’s job has taken him away from Columbus, we remain close. Any time he makes a trip to town, rain or shine, we get in at least 9 holes. I can’t wait to see him in a seersucker suit 54 days from today and to have him by my side as I say “I do” at our Alma Mater. SC Hail!


(editorial comment from Sass: How hilarious is that photo?! I’m told it’s pretty old, because “that was 3 drivers ago”)

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