The Sound of 48 Trees Falling

You know the old question, ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound’?   That’s kind of how this blog has felt for the past 48 posts. I sent it out into the world each day with only a handful of people to hear it. That is, until today. Everyone who received an invitation now knows about Seersucker and Sass.

Part of me hopes that they read it. I love the idea of everyone knowing why we chose our attendants, the thought that went into the bridesmaid dresses, the care that it took to choose the perfect pink napkins, and all of the other little things that will come together on our big day 52 days from today.

There is also part of me that is apprehensive about people reading this. There is something deeply personal about posting every day. I’m always self-conscious when I hit ‘publish’ about everything from the words I choose to my comma placement.

Either way, here it is, for all to see. It started out as a personal reflection, intended to help me avoid the ‘day after Christmas’ feeling in the days and weeks following our wedding. It has morphed into something more; a way for friends and family, near and far, to feel connected to us and to the biggest day of our lives. We are so excited! I hope you are too.

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