Meet the Men: Fort

(a guest post by Seersucker)Image

I’ve heard a lot of stories about people who get to college and find out that their roommate is a nightmare. Sass has a few of those stories. But, I don’t. My college roommate, Fort, and I got along great. We had known each other since our freshman year of high school. We had a lot of friends in common, but weren’t close until we arrived at Wittenberg in the fall of 2005. We’ve been close ever since.

College can be overwhelming and I was lucky to have a study partner and a partner in crime to help me navigate through the experience. Fort has always had my back and I rely on him to talk sense into me when I need it. I have a feeling I am going to be needing his sense-talking a lot this weekend at my bachelor party in Nashville.

Fort and I lived together for all 4 crazy college years. We were even roommates one more time in Columbus before Fort married his fabulous wife last summer. The night that Sass and I got engaged, Mr. and Mrs. Fort had the champagne ready for a celebration. They are 2 of our favorite people. Sass and I are so grateful to be able to call them friends.

Almost 1 year ago, I stood with Fort on his big day and I am grateful that he will be there in 46 days to stand with me on mine. SC HAIL!


(editorial comment from Sass: That is one of the less goofy photos that we could find of those two, which is saying a lot. Hilarious.)

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