It’s Here and It’s Perfect!



On Sunday I shared that I won a Sail to Sable dress from a fashion blogger, Bows and Sequins. I was hopeful that this would be the perfect dress for the rehearsal dinner.

I was thrilled when my dress arrived today. I tried it on, and prayed it would fit. It’s perfect! It really was meant to be!

We have had so many things in the last year that have just “worked out”, this dress being the most recent. I had searched high and low for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress (just ask poor Snarky), and today it appeared on my doorstep! I feel incredibly blessed by all of our good fortune. I hope it is a sign of all the good things still to come.

One thought on “It’s Here and It’s Perfect!

  1. Mom says:

    I told you it would be perfect! After all the “J” in the address- it was meant to be just like you and my future son in law Seersucker!!

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