A New Tradition



The groom’s ring is almost never the focus at a wedding. However, the story behind my groom’s ring is too cool not to focus on.

This story begins almost 36 years ago when my grandfather (my mother’s father) purchased my father’s wedding ring. My dad, who is a pretty stylish dude, did not get to choose his own wedding ring. Can you believe that?

Fast forward to a few months ago when my parents came to me with the idea of having our family jeweler make a replica of my father’s (super unique) ring for Seersucker. It could be the beginning of a new family tradition, they said.

I was a tad concerned about their plan. The man who puts so much thought into every detail of his own personal style (his shoelaces, for example) certainly wouldn’t want my parents choosing his wedding ring.

My concern was unnecessary. Seersucker loved the idea. Sentiment wins every time.

Last week, Seersucker stopped by Leo Alfred to try on his ring. I think it suits him. I can only hope that 36 years from now our children will be sharing a similar story with their family and friends.

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