All the Small Things: The Preppiest Napkin Fold



As is often the case with this blog, I sat down tonight with no idea what to write. So, I did what I always do when I’m stuck…I got completely distracted and off-track on the Internet.

Tonight’s diversion was how to fold a napkin into a bow. I’ve seen fabulous pictures of napkins folded like bows in pictures all over Pinterest. As this is clearly the preppiest of all napkin folds, it will be perfect for our wedding. Now, to the execution…

I’ve found videos from Southern Living (not sure their bows have enough fluff), I’ve found tutorials on (I want to love this one because it’s on a website called Glitter Inc…but I feel like the final result is too small), and I’ve watched videos in a language I don’t understand (oops). I think the simplicity of the directions at might be the winner. 

If you are seated near me at a table in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if I’m practicing my napkin folding. Perfect practice makes perfect…right?  

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