30 Days!!

So, I felt calm at 100 days, but it’s been pretty much downhill from there. Every single blog post could be about my realization that we are one day closer to the big day. But no one cares about that.

Today’s “one day closer” is a big deal though. It is June 5th. That means that we are 30 days away from the wedding! 30 days. One month. That is not very long.

I emailed a vendor this morning to see if I could get something made and shipped in time. 6-8 weeks she told me.

Looks like I’m going to have to DIY one more thing (secretly yay!!). So, I ordered 20 rolls of crepe paper, paid for rush shipping, and began the google quest to find instructions for this one last tiny little project. My mom doesn’t know this yet. She’s going to kill me.

It may be stressful but I know everything will get done and I know it will be perfect. All I really need is a handsome guy in a seersucker suit waiting for me at the end of the aisle. The rest is just icing on the (wedding) cake.

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