We mailed 86 invitations. We have received 49 reply cards. I wish I could enter a “womp womp” sound effect here. While our guests have until June 10 to respond, unless I get a whole heap of RSVPs in tomorrow’s mail, we are going to have a lot of phone calls to make.

I have a perfect system for doing our seating chart (thanks Pinterest). But I can’t do a seating chart without RSVPs! 

And, our place cards are so cute I can’t stand it. But they are a DIY logistical nightmare…and they take time! I need RSVPs so that I can get them started.

Come on 37 friends and family. Help us out here. RSVPlease!

One thought on “RSVPlease!

  1. Diana Nicely says:

    Hi my name is Diana Nicely and I AM one of the 36 friends that dropped the ball 😦 ….thanks for not calling me out personally but I would like to take responsibility for my actions (or lack of in this case). Chuck and I are HONORED to be invited and we WILL be attending.

    I was so happy to see you, John, your mom and your dad the other day. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to attend Colton’s graduation party. We sure do miss you all and are so looking forward to celebrating your BIG day.

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