A St. Charles Reunion



I am sure that many couples have a special relationship with the priest who marries them. But, in our case, it’s a particularly unique connection because Seersucker and Father Tomson (and 3 of the 4 groomsmen) are St. Charles alumni. 

They weren’t just classmates, though. Father Tomson was the captain of the cross-country team that Seersucker ran for in his sophomore year. Let’s hope neither of them do any running on July 5!

We sat down with Father tonight to plan out the wedding mass and go over last-minute details. We have readers and readings, a cantor and psalms, we have an organist, and we even found ourselves a Eucharistic minister. We could still use an altar boy though…and we are taking nominations! I hear the best man was quite the altar boy in his day…

Everything about this wedding is unique and personal. We have made choices over the last year to ensure that everything from the invitations, to the mass, to the dueling pianos would be perfectly ‘us’.

26 days and counting – we can’t wait!  

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