A Gift from Grams

Rather than the assortment of Macy’s boxes that we have become accustomed to finding on our front porch, we found 2 very different boxes this afternoon.  Grams has quite a bit of flair, and so did her FedEx boxes.


When we spoke a few days ago, she told me to keep an eye out for something she had sent my way. I had no idea that such a special gift was making its way across the country wrapped in bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Grams had sent us her grandmother’s crystal. It is unique and beautiful.  I have been googling since I unwrapped it, trying to learn more about the hundred year-old crystal we have just inherited. Why doesn’t Antiques Roadshow have a live chat option?

I’m honored that Grams thought us worthy to receive such an extraordinary gift. We will take good care of it.


3 thoughts on “A Gift from Grams

  1. Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher says:

    Sara you may not know, that I love wine glasses. Buy them in many countries I have visited. I love these glasses….might have to have a glass of wine from them some day.

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