Meet the Dads

Our moms get a lot of love on this blog. But we are blessed with really great fathers too. They will be easy to find on the big day…they will be the handsome older gentlemen…dressed like groomsmen.

We rely on our dads for a lot. Our dads are our voices of reason and they are always there, ready to help, when we need them.

Just today, Seersucker and his dad were hanging off of ladders and out of windows trying to identify the origin of a garage leak. He bought us a sump pump backup battery for Christmas (which was one of Seersucker’s favorite gifts). Then he spent 2 weekends in our basement installing it. He keeps us from having to call “a guy” when things leak and creak and stop working for no reason.

My dad is cool, calm, and collected. This provides the necessary balance for my mother and I who need that sometimes (ok…maybe a lot of times). My dad has been an accountant for more than 30 years – he decided what he wanted to do in college, then he did it. I know how hard it must have been for him to watch me major in communications, spend a year in law school then finally decide to get a Master’s in education. I don’t think he believed I would ever finish school. But in the end, these things came together and worked for me. He was always supportive, no matter how ridiculous my choices seemed.

Seersucker and I would not be where we are today if it weren’t for the guidance, support, and love from our dads. We can’t wait to see them in seersucker suits 20 days from today!    

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