So Tired…



A friend told me at work today, “honestly…I have never seen you look so tired”.  I can’t say that I have felt so tired in quite some time! I think that speaks pretty highly of my weekend.

Team Bridesmaid pulled off such an amazing Bride Day. They hosted the most beautiful wedding shower that I have ever attended.  I’m so honored that it was for me! Maid of Honor is in the wrong line of work. She is such a talented party planner! The decorations were beautiful, the cake was bridal Barbie, and there was a mimosa bar! I was overwhelmed with love!

Then we had a very relaxing trip to the spa and headed to the hotel. The boys had decorated the room with a tasteful mix of tacky bachelorette and plastic vomit.

Once I had changed into my evening tutu ensemble, we met up with a few friends and our boys for dinner. Then we hit the town.  ConArti$t’s boyfriend bought us roses, Little Sis found a cocktail that she liked, and Sneezy and I danced like fools. I was incredibly proud of us for making it out past midnight.

Needless to say, I was exhausted. The girls tell me that this was good practice for the wedding day!  It’s hard to believe that we’re only 19 days away.  I’m so glad they will all be there with me! If we can make it through Bride Day together, we’ll make it through the wedding day just fine!

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