According to Maid of Honor’s list, today’s task was approving the programs and other printables. And that is …DONE! 

I absolutely adore our graphic designer. She has been so great to work with! I can be a tiny bit indecisive; I’ve changed colors, words, and phrasing at least a million times. I’ve also gone to her several times with “one more thing” that I needed her to design. She just whipped up everything I envisioned, and happily made changes until I loved every single detail.

I realize that I am biased, but think our whole suite of paper goods is so fabulous that she should sell it all on Etsy…in 12 days, of course.

One thought on “Approved!

  1. Stephanie says:

    The only change I was hesitant to make was the prelude… I still am a firm believer that there would have been crowd surfing if ConArti$t and I were doing our duet…:) You have been a wonderful Bride to work with!

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