In my Mind I’m Already There



This afternoon my candy wrapper reminded me to feel the sun on my face. In 11 days we will be in Bermuda, doing just that!

We have already booked a couples massage (Seersucker isn’t quite sure about this…but he’ll get over it) and dinner on the beach.  A friend told us about a bike trail that runs through the island so that we can go exploring. And, Seersucker’s Grandmother insists that we find the ring rock that brings good luck to newlyweds. She promises it works, because she and Seersucker’s Grandfather stood in it 66 years ago, and they are still going strong!

It’s been hard being at work this week. My mind keeps wandering to lists, seating arrangements, reception decorations, and Bermuda. In my mind, I’m already there!  

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