Catching Up

happy day


After a truly amazing wedding and a perfect week in Bermuda, I miss my blog. I’m just not sure what to write about these days…turns out we aren’t really that interesting!

I suppose I could have written about our dinner Saturday night with both sets of parents. I’m pretty sure Seersucker and I could have gotten up and left, and not a single one of them would have noticed. It’s just about the best new family situation ever. It’s especially amusing when they gang up against us. Our mothers, in particular, seem to love this part. 

Or, I could have written about dinner Sunday night with Little Sis and Best Man. They told us several hilarious wedding tales that we had missed. I wish I could have been there when Best Man woke up and dug his MadLib out of the piñata. In his words, it was VERY inappropriate. I think that breaks the piñata rules. He should have had to leave it in!

Our current challenge is the thank you notes. We are both working diligently to get them done. Expect one to arrive at a mailbox near you sometime soon. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to capture all that we feel in one little thank you note. We treasure every gift, every memory, and every relationship that those cards represent…no matter how late they are or how messy the handwriting is. They are written with love.

I realize this isn’t really what you signed up for when I started this blog. You’ve all served your 100 blog sentence. Feel free to unfollow me if I am no longer interesting (no comments needed, Snarky). I have a few other ideas…we’ll just have to see what becomes of Seersucker and Sass now that we are Mr. and Mrs. Seersucker. 

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