Don’t DIY? Don’t Fret. (2)


As I shared recently, I have a friend who doesn’t have a glue gun (or a Pinterest account) that needs some ideas for an ornament exchange. My first suggestion was the world’s easiest DIY ornament that is sure to add a little sparkle to your tree (and impress your crafty friends). Here’s another super simple option – snow globes – using my current Christmas obsession – tiny bottlebrush trees.  Aren’t they are the cutest?  Give these globes a go and let me know what you think!


Here’s what you need:


  • clear balls (I got mine at the Dollar Tree – they are plastic and have a large opening which makes them easy to fill and less fragile than glass. But, any craft store has a ton of options right now.)
  • tiny bottlebrush trees (I found mine in the Dollar Spot at Target. The key is finding trees that are small enough that the base will fit through the opening of your clear ball.)
  • glue
  • Q-tip
  • tweezers
  • funnel
  • Epsom salt
  • sparkly white glitter
  • metallic cord (I found mine with the gift wrap)

Here we go:


  1. Pop the tops off of your ornaments.
  2. Using your Q-tip (and the tweezers if necessary) dab some glue on the inside of your ball. Try to aim for the bottom / middle of your ball.
  3. Dab some glue on the base of your tree.
  4. Carefully push your tree almost all the way through the opening of the ball – use your tweezers to hold on to the top of the tree so you don’t lose it in your ball.
  5. Using tweezers, set the tree on the glue spot you made with your q-tip.
  6. Stabilize your ornament (mine sat perfectly in the top of a Solo cup) and let the glue dry completely.
  7. Using your funnel (to avoid making a giant snowy mess) pour in some Epsom salt and white glitter. I covered the base of my tree, but you can fill it as much as you would like.
  8. Pop the top back on your ornament.
  9. Tie a cute bow on top.
  10. Pat yourself on the back…This counts as a DIY!

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