Christmas Cards…So Much Pressure

Choosing the perfect Christmas Card is so stressful! Gone are the days where you can go to Target, buy a box, and check "Christmas cards" off your to-do list. Now everyone has amazing professional photos, perfectly formatted, with an adorable holiday sentiment scrawled in trendy calligraphy. Don't get me wrong, I have sent these cards … Continue reading Christmas Cards…So Much Pressure

Don’t DIY? Don’t Fret. (2)

As I shared recently, I have a friend who doesn't have a glue gun (or a Pinterest account) that needs some ideas for an ornament exchange. My first suggestion was the world’s easiest DIY ornament that is sure to add a little sparkle to your tree (and impress your crafty friends). Here's another super simple option … Continue reading Don’t DIY? Don’t Fret. (2)

We’re Back

Soooo...(drum roll please)...Seersucker & Sass is back! I started this blog in 2014 as a way to document the final 100 days before our wedding. It served its purpose, but had a natural conclusion. I've held onto the domain out of sentiment and, perhaps, out of a quiet desire to do more. For now, my … Continue reading We’re Back

Catching Up

 After a truly amazing wedding and a perfect week in Bermuda, I miss my blog. I'm just not sure what to write about these days...turns out we aren't really that interesting!I suppose I could have written about our dinner Saturday night with both sets of parents. I’m pretty sure Seersucker and I could have gotten … Continue reading Catching Up

Number 100

Ok, here we go, #100...typed on an iPhone.This blog has been a personal journey. It has been a lesson in slowing down and placing a focus on the many blessings in my life. Some days, that was easy. Some days, it took all I had. And more days than I can count, I found myself … Continue reading Number 100