Team Bridesmaid Saves the Day (again)

 I'm too tired to be creative. But, Team Bridesmaid totally stepped up and saved the day. They came bearing pizza, wine and macaroons and they were ready to work.The programs have been punched and tied with beautiful gold ribbons and the paper bows have been cut (Sneezy and Maid of Honor may have carpal tunnel...but … Continue reading Team Bridesmaid Saves the Day (again)

There’s No Stopping Us Now!

 ...We have a marriage license! Meet us at the church! There's no stopping us now!

Paper Mâché!

 I just love the giant glittery gold heart that mom and I found on 100 Layer Cake. I think it would look pretty fab at our reception. The DIY instructions seemed totally doable so I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t want to share what I was working on in case I was … Continue reading Paper Mâché!

Just One More…

Yesterday I sent my mother another fabulous wedding idea that I had run across. She agreed it was fabulous, but seeing that we are now just a few days away from the wedding, she officially banned me from Pinterest…until today when she found one more project.While I had pinned this particular idea months ago, I … Continue reading Just One More…


According to Maid of Honor’s list, today’s task was approving the programs and other printables. And that is …DONE! I absolutely adore our graphic designer. She has been so great to work with! I can be a tiny bit indecisive; I’ve changed colors, words, and phrasing at least a million times. I’ve also gone to her … Continue reading Approved!