All Wedding…All the Time

Today was my last day of work before the wedding. I hadn’t planned to take all of next week off, but my coworkers saw the writing on the wall - they knew I would need this time for my projects and my sanity. They were right. I could feel the relief as I rode the … Continue reading All Wedding…All the Time

Maid of Honor to the Rescue!

I have been a little overwhelmed by my multiple to-do lists lately. But, as she always does, Maid of Honor got me calmed down and back on-track. Together we ran errands, made a master to-do list (including deadlines…yikes), and got the vases touched up and in their boxes so they are all ready to go … Continue reading Maid of Honor to the Rescue!

So, ummm…

So. That's a lot of vases...And then there's the 36 that mom has at her house. And the 2 dozen in my dining room. And, there are 40 more coming on Wednesday. So, ummm, who's free this weekend?